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Why does my card statement say "RackHouse Connect"?

If your search brought you here, thanks for dropping by! We're RackHouse Connect, we're the ecommerce engine behind a growing number of beverage brands online.

Your card statement says "RackHouse Connect" because of a purchase made through one of the online stores that we power to sell directly to awesome fans and customers like you. If you have any questions about the order, please contact the store where you made the purchase.

How can I sell alcohol online and stay 3-tier compliant?

Short answer: You can't, but we can do it for you.

The only way a distillery or brewery can sell alcohol directly to consumers is at a tasting room. Direct sales shipped to consumers are not allowed in the US, so we've created an affordable, turnkey 3-tier solution of our own.

Do you ship alcohol to Alabama, Arkansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Utah or Oklahoma?

Short answer: It depends. Some of these states like wineries, but others don't allow it at all.

State laws around alcohol shipping are subject to frequent change. As of the last last update of this FAQ, the landscape was still shifting.

Here's a overview of each state's laws:

  1. Alabama: Alcohol cannot be shipped to consumer, except directly from a winery
  2. Arkansas: Consumers can receive wine from small farm wineries when it is purchased in-person
  3. Michigan: Michigan allows the direct shipment of wine to consumers, but not other types of alcohol
  4. Mississippi: Shipping alcohol to consumers in Mississippi is not allowed
  5. Tennessee: Tennessee allows the direct shipment of wine to consumers from wineries but imposes several restrictions and requirements
  6. Utah: Shipment of alcohol to consumers in Utah is not allowed
  7. Oklahoma: Oklahoma allows for the direct shipment of wine from small wineries to consumers, under certain conditions and limitations

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